How do I return an item?

If you are not happy with your Throw Dough or other Pizza Products purchased at, you have 15 days from the date of shipment that you can send it back for a refund on your credit card or for credit in the Throw Dough Store. You will be responsible for the original shipping and for the shipping of the returned item. We will not take the product back if you did not follow the instructions for care. Depending on use, Throw Dough may last from around 6 months to several years. Contact the Throw Dough team at [email protected] if you have concerns about a product that you received.

NOTE: Each Throw Dough is made by hand, making each one unique and different. It is perfectly normal for your Throw Dough to have bubbles, irregularities or slight difference in color from other Throw Doughs. This is a natural occurrence during the process of making Throw Dough. Always keep Throw Dough in an used pizza box or in a Throw Dough carrying case!

Throw Dough is made of non-toxic soft plastic with a silicate base. This material has certain requirements that must be followed for dough throwing safety.

- Do not put Throw Dough on ANY surface other than the cardboard pizza box or in its carrying case.
-Throw Dough will react with certain types of plastics and wood finishes.
-Throw Dough will pick up news print or any other ink that in comes in contact with.
- When transporting Throw Dough, keep it in a carrying case with nothing else except other Throw Doughs.
-If you leave the throw dough in the case for long periods of time it may form creases in the Throw Dough. For long term storage keep flat in a pizza box.
- Each unique Throw Dough is hand-poured in the USA. Although it is measured prior to manufacture, there may be slight variation in each piece's weight, from 1-4 oz. If you want to guarantee your Throw Doughs are the same weight, then you should buy multiple Throw Doughs at the same time. Likewise, you could weigh your existing Throw Dough and we can make sure we send you a dough of the same weight.

Care Instructions
- Do not heat or microwave Throw Dough
- Do not eat Throw Dough If Throw Dough becomes sticky: With lots of use Throw Dough will build up oils. Simply add baby powder or flour to the Throw Dough to return it to its original state.
- If Throw Dough gets dirty: Throw Dough can be washed with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth. Let dry completely before applying powder.
- Keep your finger nails trimmed: If you have long nails, you could shave off bits of the Throw Dough while throwing it, which will shorten its lifespan.
- Do not try to spin Throw Dough with one finger. This may poke a hole in the Throw Dough.
-Learn to spin it with your hand by watching the training video.